Balancing your rollers is an important step for roll performance and machine life. Passaic Rubber
Company recommends Roll Balancing on new roller fabrication as well as those in for routine service.

  • Static Balancing: To Prevent Loping and Rollover
  • Dynamic Balancing: Puts Roller in Full RotaryMotion for Balancing at Customer Specified Line speeds
  • Any Roller Type can be Balanced



Static balancing prevents loping. Loping in the roll profile means there is a heavy spot in a certain area of the roll that causes gravity to pull it down, essentially turning the roll over when the machine is not running. Statically balancing the roll will prevent the roll from loping down. Static balancing is recommended for rolls that do not spin at a high rpm.

Dynamic balancing prevents rollers from vibrating when the machine is running. Vibration causes wavering in plastic film, paper and steel materials. This can possibly lead to an increase in preventative maintenance, uneven coating, laminates and/or processed materials. Dynamic Balancing is recommended for rollers that spin at a high rpm. It is beneficial to dynamically balance a roll to extend bearing life and prevent excess vibration in the machine.