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White Cover Tape

General Guidelines

This White Cover tape is a cold applied self-adhering roofing membrane composed of a cured EPDM on the top side and a laminated under layer of recycled sticky butyl adhesive. The cover tape is wound on a paper core with a release liner throughout the roll to prevent from sticking until final use. Can be used with EPDM, TPO and most PVC roofing membranes, each requiring special primer.

5” x 100’

6” x 25’

6” x 50’

6” x 100’

Roofing Applications (EPDM, TPO, PVC)

Covers, protects, and seals

Most Metal Terminations

Horizontal Patching

Mechanical fastening bars

Membrane fasteners

membrane repairs

seam repairs

seam overlays

Drip edges

Properly clean entire surface where Seam tape will be applied

Prime area cover tape will be applied to using an EPDM Primer and allow to fully dry.

Apply tape to primed area by peeling release paper off of underside. Ensure initial placement is straight and release paper is fully removed as you move down the seam

Use scissors for cutting cover tape

After tape is applied, use a steel or silicone hand roller to apply force perpendicular to tape to remove any trapped air and for adequate adhesion to surface.


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