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In addition to being an industry leader, we are proud to support Downstream Equipment Manufacturers with custom extrusion equipment and replacement belts. Our rubber belting solutions can be found on some of the following makes of extrusion supplies:
  • AMS
  • Automated Solutions and Products Inc.
  • Bartell
  • Battenfield
  • Bay Plastics
  • Boston Mathews
  • CDS
  • Davis Standard
  • ESI
  • Conair
  • MGS/Hall
  • Novatech
  • PEM
  • Progressive Machinery
  • RDN
  • Taymer Ind
  • TEC
  • Tensor
  • Versa
  • Youngstown

Extrusion equipment – Industrial Extrusion Belting

Passaic Rubber is the leading supplier of downstream extrusion supplies and plastic extrusion equipment in North America. Our series of Caterpuller and Capstan extrusion rubber belts continue to help you solve in-plant problems, and reduce downtime and product loss.

You can trust Passaic Rubber custom extrusion belts to include:

  • Custom rubber extruding belts
  • Variety of Compounds and Covers per customers’ requirements
    • 20-80 duro rubber
    • Heat & oil resistant
    • FDA compliant

With over 50 years of experience as extrusion equipment manufacturers, we are proud to say we can deliver high-quality extrusion puller belts that will last for a long time in both the plastic and aluminum extrusion industries.

As trusted extrusion equipment manufacturers in North America, Passaic Rubber has the capability to produce and supply truly endless belts, tailor-made to your custom extrusion needs. In short, we can supply the following types of industrial belts:

  • Covered Timing Belts
  • Round belts
  • Poly belts
  • Multi-V belts
  • Rubber Covered Micro-V Belts