• Passaic Now

    • 1919

      Passaic Rubber Company was officially founded in Passaic, NJ by James Partington and Henry Mathey. The two partners began manufacturing and selling rubber friction tape for wrapping electrical wire.

    • 1925

      PRC buys several different pieces of machinery including: mills, calenders, lathes, presses and vulcanizers. This equipment was used to diversify the product portfolio from just frictions tapes to rubber covered roller and press type flanges.

    • 1927

      Passaic Rubber Company and Jon A. Roebling & Sons form a partnership to fabricate bridge tapes for the San Francisco and George Washington Suspension Bridges.

    • 1939

      With WWII looming, Passaic Rubber began assisting the US Navy in the development of mine sweeping cable tapes. At this time, the country experienced a massive shift from Natural Rubber to synthetic elastomers.

    • 1969

      The company moves to a new location on six acres of land and a 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Wayne, NJ. At this time, Passaic introduces “Harness” tape to be used in the Auto Industry!

    • 1976

      Passaic expands product lines to incorporate truly endless belting. One of the main products that came from this was capping belts. Capping belts are still used in the industry today to twist glass jars and metal tops together.

    • 2013

      Passaic Rubber Company made history by recording the most revenue to date!

    • Present

      Today, PRC continues to thrive under the direction and co-ownership of John Mathey, President, and Jeffrey Leach, CEO. The business is separated into three categories, all niche markets, including: rubber covered rollers, truly endless belting, and calendered rubber products.