Mar 2021

Introducing the Passaic Puller Series

BY : stansim

Introducing the Passaic Puller Series – the precision molded covers that are made with no splices or seams for bi-directional running.

The non-glazing compounds that we use offer superior, long-lasting grip and prevent slipping. The surface covers are non-marking – meaning you can forget about marks on the product film!

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Passaic Puller Series covers dramatically decrease downtime. They are built for abrasion resistance that offer the longest-lasting performance and increased reliability. 

Our products are engineered for maximum flexibility which brings high durability and prevents cracks and tears.

Valued added services of CNC machined holes, slots, and grooves are available for optimal vacuum pressure during equipment operation which make for a more robust system. 

Call 973-240-8853 and order the Passaic Puller Series today!

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