Nip Impression Paper


General Guidelines

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ProductPrice Per Roll Quantity
Nipimpressionkit $225.00

Insert Paper Between Rolls:

Disengage the nip to allow our paper to be inserted. Not much room is needed: 1/8” is sufficient.

After the nip impression paper is nicely centered between the disengaged nip rolls, engage the nip at your standard pressure to make an impression.

Then release & remove the nip impression paper.


Lay nip impression paper on the lower roller, centered, then engage the nip system.

Perfect Nip Result

  • Proper Crown
  • Good Impression Result

Crown Too Large

  • This Roller Crown Is Too Large

Unbalanced Load

  • This Shows A Unbalanced Load or Misaligned Rollers


  • Banding, Roll Wear, or Grinding

Check Load & Crown

  • Check Load or Roll Crown
    (roll diameter issues)

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