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Nip Impression Paper


General Guidelines

Uneven Nipped Rollers cause web handling waste and yield deficiencies. Non-uniform nips usually lead to various production issues, some including wrinkles, web breaks and other troubles. For a maintenance engineer, identifying these problems can sometimes be difficult without the right tools.

Passaic Rubber provides easy to use Carbon Nip Impression Kits to determine if the right crown nip loading of various substrates is accurate for processing. These kits are also recommended for verification of any crown change due to processing over time. Provided below is an UNWAXED Nip Impression Kit good for higher temperature applications to determine common issues.  Click Below to Download instructions and purchase directly through our website.

General Dimensions: 8″ x 300′

Kit Includes: (1) Unwaxed Carbon Transfer Paper and (1) Plain White Paper for Nip Impression. Rated for 20 – 3000 PSI in Nip Loading


ProductLengthWidthPrice Per Quantity
Nipimpressionkit 58 8 $338.00

Insert Paper Between Rolls:

Disengage the nip to allow our paper to be inserted. Not much room is needed: 1/8” is sufficient.

After the nip impression paper is nicely centered between the disengaged nip rolls, engage the nip at your standard pressure to make an impression.

Then release & remove the nip impression paper.


Lay nip impression paper on the lower roller, centered, then engage the nip system.

Perfect Nip Result

  • Proper Crown
  • Good Impression Result

Crown Too Large

  • This Roller Crown Is Too Large

Unbalanced Load

  • This Shows A Unbalanced Load or Misaligned Rollers


  • Banding, Roll Wear, or Grinding

Check Load & Crown

  • Check Load or Roll Crown
    (roll diameter issues)


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