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Black Seam Tape

General Guidelines

Black Seam Tape, Double Sided with Black Butyl rubber, sticky on both sides, with a throw away release separator liner. Designed to provide high strength water tight joints in single ply EPDM roof membranes between two seams. Exhibits excellent adhesion to glass, metal, wood, concrete, masonry and plastic. Must be used with an EPDM Primer.

Note – For increased reinforcement, add cover strip over top of the seamed area if needed to reinforce.

3” Wide x .035” Thick x 100’ Long

6” Wide x .035” Thick x 100’ Long

  • Overlapping roof seams
  • Must be used with an EPDM Primer
  • Provides tackiness on both sides for application
  • Wax paper release liner for easy release and usability
  • Properly clean entire surface where Seam tape will be applied
  • Mark the membrane where the edge of the splice occurs and fold top portion back.
  • Using ½” nap paint roller, apply EPDM Primer to surface and allow to dry (Dry to the touch, ~<20 minutes, temperature + humidity dependent)
  • Position Seam tape along the length of the seam with sticky tape side down, ensure proper alignment with seam using a pre-determined marked edge/chalk line/guide
  • Press tape with moderate pressure into splice by hand. Verify approximately 1/8” of tape extends beyond splice edge.
  • Roll the top surface of the release liner to promote adhesion to the bottom substrate and air pockets have been eliminated.
  • Allow top EPDM membrane to fall on top of the release liner.
  • Pull release liner away from Seam Tape at a 45° angle to the seam
  • Roll the splice with a steel or silicone hand roller. Roll Perpendicular to splice edge.


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