• Seam Tape

High Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape (69 kV)

General Guidelines

This Tape is specially formulated as an excellent high-voltage, linerless, self-bonding insulating tape that provides excellent thermal dissipation for high-voltage electrical splice heat. It is comprised of an EPDM Rubber that is designed and used for splicing and terminating wires and cables. The tape insulates resistance of 69kV and is an equivalent version to “Scotch® 3M Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C”.

12” Wide x .030” IN x 50’ FT Rolls
*Custom Sizes Available Upon request*

• Primary insulation for splicing all types of solid dielectric insulated cables through 69 kV, Building stress cones on solid dielectric insulated cables up to 35 kV
• Jacketing (ancillary insulation) on high-voltage splices and terminations
• Moisture sealing electrical connections
• Bus Bar insulation
• End-Sealing high voltage cables
• Motor leads
• Jacket Repairs

• Used for both low and high voltage
• Rated for up to 195°F operating temperature (Max 266°F Short-term Overload)
• Linerless, Self-bonding, Insulating tape
• Quick Application to Medium
• Moisture/Weather Resistant Insulation without the loss of electrical properties when elongated
• Yields a Void-Free Build up
• Certifies to ASTM D-4325



Physical Properties (ASTM D-4325) Typical Value
Color Black
Thickness 30 mil (.762mm)
Tensile Strength (Mpa Min) 3.4 Mpa (493 psi)
Ultimate Elongation (% Min) 616
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength 806 V/mil (31.7 MV/m)
Dielectric Strength (24 hrs in H20) 840 V/mil (33.0 MV/m)
Dielectric Strength (96 hrs @ 23C 96% RH) 842 V/mil (33.1 MV/m)


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