Passaic’s innovations lead to further growth

WAYNE, N.J.—New innovations are commonplace at Passaic Rubber Co. and have been for at least the last two decades. Passaic has spent around $2 million on new equipment and plant upgrades over the last two years, about $1 million of it in 2014. Read More Here.

Move in AG belts paying off for Passaic Rubber

Branching out in earnest into a new market a few years ago is starting to pay dividends for Passaic Rubber Co., although the company has had to make a sizable investment to make it happen. Read More Here.

Jersey Boys

Once a major rubber products manufacturing area, northern New Jersey has lost a number of rubber processors during the last two decades. But it still boasts a variety of small- to medium-sized manufacturers, operating primarily in niche markets. Read More Here.

90 years give Passaic edge in economic slip

Passaic Rubber Co. is an enterprising survivor. Read More Here.