Move in AG belts paying off for Passaic Rubber

Branching out in earnest into a new market a few years ago is starting to pay dividends for Passaic Rubber Co., although the company has had to make a sizable investment to make it happen. Read More Here.

Jersey Boys

Once a major rubber products manufacturing area, northern New Jersey has lost a number of rubber processors during the last two decades. But it still boasts a variety of small- to medium-sized manufacturers, operating primarily in niche markets. Read More Here.

90 years give Passaic edge in economic slip

Passaic Rubber Co. is an enterprising survivor. Read More Here.

N.A. belting firms depend on technology

Lightweight and heavyweight belt makers in the U.S. have enjoyed a great deal of prosperity for the last few years. But some still remain a cautious lot and take little for granted. Read More Here.