Tube Winder Belts

General Guidelines

Passaic Rubber Company is committed to delivering tube winding belts to help paper core manufactures achieve maximum capacity and increased efficiency for their money. Passaic has designed, engineered and field tested our tube winding belt specifically for the production of paper tubing in the tube winding industry. The polyester inner membrane forms uniform pulls on corrugated paper and offers high tensile strength that offers an extended life on the belt for reduced production downtime.

As the belt wears down to the inner fabric, the belt allows for it to be turned inside out for additional usage, running at normal operating speeds.

  • Truly Endless
  • No Splices or seams
  • High Coefficient of Friction
  • Accurate Dimensions
  • Transverse Rigidity
  • Fast Clean-up and Return to Service
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Smooth Surface
  • Use both sides of Belt for maximum life
  • Non Marking
  • Non Toxic

1/4″ thick (6 mm)

  • Can handle 1-12 plies of paper depending on paperweight.
  • Supports mandrel sizes from ¼” diameter to 4” diameter preferable.

5/16″ thick (8 mm)

  • Can be supplied to widths, preferably starting from 2″ wide and up.
  • Can handle 2-8 plies of paper depending on paperweight.  Can be supplied from 56″ up to 67″ ENDLESS.  Mandrel sizes from 3″ diameter preferably and up.

3/8″ thick (10 mm)

  • Can be supplied in widths 2″ and up.
  • Can handle 2-10 plies of paper depending on paper thickness and weight.  Will be very good where liners of various materials are first spiraled around mandrels and then plies of paper stock used to finish the tube.
  • Can be supplied, preferably from 84″ up to 167″ ENDLESS.
  • Mandrel sizes from 4″ diameter and up.

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